v. felt, feel•ing, n.
1) phl to perceive (something) by direct physical contact:
to feel the softness of fur; to feel a breeze[/ex]
2) cvb to examine by touch:
to feel someone's forehead[/ex]
3) to have a physical sensation of:
to feel hunger[/ex]
4) to find or pursue (one's way) by touching, groping, or cautious moves
5) to be or become conscious of:
to feel pride[/ex]
6) to be emotionally affected by:
to feel profound grief[/ex]
7) to experience the effects of:
The whole region felt the storm[/ex]
8) to have a particular sensation or impression of:
to feel oneself slighted; to feel hostility all around[/ex]
9) to have a general or thorough conviction of; think; believe:
I feel he's guilty[/ex]
10) phl to have perception by touch or by any physical sensation other than those of sight, hearing, taste, and smell
11) to make examination by touch; grope:
She felt in her purse for a dime[/ex]
12) to perceive a state of mind or a condition of body:
to feel happy; to feel well[/ex]
13) to have a sensation of being:
to feel warm[/ex]
14) to make itself perceived or apparent; seem:
The ground feels icy underfoot[/ex]
15) dial. phv feel for
phv to feel sympathy for or compassion toward; empathize with
16) phv feel out, to try to determine the mood or status of (a person or situation) by discreet, usu. informal or unofficial inquiries
17) phv cvb +sts feel up, Slang: Usu. Vulgar. to fondle or touch (someone) in a sexual manner
18) a quality of an object that is perceived by feeling or touching:
the feel of wool[/ex]
19) a sensation of something felt; vague mental impression or feeling:
a feel of sadness in the air[/ex]
20) the sense of touch:
soft to the feel[/ex]
21) native ability:
to have a feel for teaching[/ex]
22) inf an act or instance of touching with the hand or fingers
23) cvb sts Slang: Usu. Vulgar. an act or instance of feeling up
Etymology: bef. 900; ME felen, OE fēlan; c. OS gifōlian, OHG fuolen

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